GPS device configuration

  1. While configuring GPS devices, use your PC, VPS or VDS server external IP address and port from protocols list in "GSP-Server.exe", depending from GPS device model.
  2. Make sure that ports used by "GSP-Server.exe" are not blocked by your LAN router or Firewall.

Run GPS-server.exe as Windows OS service

For production server it is highly recommended to run "GPS-server.exe" as Windows OS service, because in that case there is no need to login into Windows OS user account, it will run in background silently.

  1. With mouse right click open menu on "c:\gs\service\install_win32.bat" or "c:\gs\service\install_win64.bat" file and select "Run as administrator".
  2. Select "Path" to "c:\gs\GPS-server.exe". Startup directory should be "c:\gs".
  3. Click "Install service".
  4. Execute "services.msc" from "Run" tool under Windows OS Start menu.
  5. Find "GPS-server" and make sure "Startup type" is set as "Automatic".
  6. Restart your server and if everything was done right, "GPS-server.exe" should work as a service application.
  7. Service application runs wihout GUI, so it will be not possible to do any changes to "GPS-server.exe" settings.
  8. In case you want to change settings, stop "GPS-server" service via "services.msc" and open it as simple application from "c:\gs\GPS-server.exe".

Run GPS-server.exe as Windows OS application

It is recommend to run "GPS-server.exe" as Windows OS service, but if you still want to monitor what is happening in console, follow below steps:

  1. Make sure that "GPS-server" service is not running. Run "services.msc", and stop "GPS-server" service.
  2. After service is stopped, make sure that processes "protocolstcp.exe" and "protocolsudp.exe" are stopped.
  3. Now you are able to start "GPS-server.exe" as Windows OS application.

Change web application configuration

Most of changes can be done via "CPanel/Manage server", but some changes are still accessible only
via configuration files due to security reasons. 

Follow configuration files comments to change server configuration:

  • "YOUR_DOMAIN/track/config.php"
  • "YOUR_DOMAIN/track/js/gs.config.js"

Translate English language to other languages

  1. Open "YOUR_DOMAIN/track/lng", make "english" folder copy and rename copied folder to your language name.
  2. Open every file from copied folder in text editor and make translations.
  3. Login as administrator to CPanel and enable new language.

If you are going to use secure e-mail SMTP server (SSL)

Make sure that "extension=php_openssl.dll" is uncommented in php.ini.

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