Server management

This section consists of four tabs (server, user, e-mail, tools). Click manage server button as shown below:


This section contains basic software information, such as server name, IP address, logo, default interface language, etc..

Press  save icon if any changes must be saved.


  • Hardware key - unique hardware key.
  • Server IP - IP address of server where software is hosted.
  • Server PORTS - URL address to a list of available server ports.


  • GPS server name - server name.
  • Show about button in top panel - enable/disable about button in user interface.


Allows to upload own logos which will be seen in user interface.

Additional URL's

  • URL to login dialog - URL, which points to login dialog.
  • URL to help page (help button in top panel) - URL address which will be opened after clicking on help button.
  • URL to contact page (shown when user has to contact you)
  • URL to your shop where user can purchase subscriptions


  • Use geocoder cache, this will reduce API calls to geocoder servers and make some address responces faster - object location is received and saved in GPS server database to improve software performance. 
  • Clear geocode cache - if for any reason you would like to erase memory press Clear button.


Keep history period (days) - object history data will be kept for set number of days.


This section allows to choose maps which will be available in front-end. Set default map zoom level and coordinates.


This section allows to configure user and payment settings.


Turns on and off user registration.


  • Language - default server language.
  • Unit of distance
  • Unit of capacity
  • Unit of temperature
  • Currency
  • Time zone - default server time zone.
  • History
  • Reports
  • RFID and iButton logbook
  • Object control
  • Image gallery
  • Chat
  • Allow to clear history - enables/disables possibility to clean history of each object.
  • Allow to add objects - allow to add objects for newly registered users (later these settings can be changed for each user separately).
    • No - prohibits to add new objects.
    • Trial - allows to add unlimited number of objects for 7 days.
    • Limited - limit object creation by number set in Object limit field.
    • Unlimited - allows to add unlimited number of objects.
  • Obect limit (number) - set maximum object number for newly registered users. 
  • Object validity period after account registation (days) - specify number of days when objects will be active. After expiration object becomes disabled until user makes payment.
  • Object Trial period (days) - specify object trial period in days.
  • Expire account (days after account registration) - account will be disabled after set period of time.


  • Remind user about expiring objects (days before expire) - specify period in days.
  • Remind user about expiring account (days before expire) - specify period in days.


  • Payment type
    • None - payment can't be accepted.
    • URL - URL address to custom page with payment information.
    • PayPal - redirects to PayPal to proceed payment.
  • URL to payment - URL address to custom page with payment information (available if URL is set in payment type).
  • Paypal account - PayPal account e-mail address.
  • PayPal payment name - payment name, visible in payment summary.
  • PayPal payment currency - currency accepted by paypal system (PayPal currency codes).
  • PayPal payment amount for one object - price for one object.
  • PayPal custom - PayPal custom identifier.


  • Allow to schedule reports - allows users to use schedule reports.
  • Max. number of markers - limit markers for all users. (Also limit can be set for each user separately in Cpanel edit user section)
  • Max. number of routes - limit routes for all users. (Also limit can be set for each user separately in Cpanel edit user section)
  • Max. number of zones - limit zones for all users. (Also limit can be set for each user separately in Cpanel edit user section)


This section allows to edit system notification templates.


This section allows to configure e-mail settings. For more details about SMTP configuration contact your e-mail server provider.

Gmail account configuration example:

  • SMTP server host:
  • SMTP server Port: 465
  • SMTP Authentication: Yes
  • SMTP Security: SSL
  • SMTP username: your gmail username
  • SMTP password: your gmail password


This sections allows to configure SMS gateway.

SMS gateway type - mobile application or HTTP.

Note: in case of mobile application gateway type, application should be downloaded to use mobile device as SMS Gateway, download app from here.


This section allows to clean unnecessary GPS server data. Auto execute feature will perform task once a day.


This sections allows to view log files related to objects and user login/registration operations.

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