Control panel

Control panel allows to manage users, objects and some server settings. You are free to add/edit users, change user privileges, add/edit objects, set object expiration dates, change server name/logo, set billing and e-mail settings.

After login to control panel you will see user list section. It allows to add/edit users, view user activity.

  1. Back - goes back to administrator user account.
  2. View as - allows to view users and objects as another administrator/manager user.
  3. User list - view list of users in selected order (user order can be changed by selecting column heading).
  4. Object list - view list of objects in selected order (objects order can be changed by selecting column heading).
  5. Manage server - server settings.
  6. User information and privileges - logged user e-mail.
  7. Statistics - registered users, available and online objects count.
  8. Language - control panel's default language.
  9. Logout - exit system.
  10. Search - search current visible list.
  11. Mass mail - send e-mail to all users.
  12. ID - user id number.
  13. Active - indicates current user account status.
  14. Privileges - shows user current privileges.
  15. Username - user username.
  16. E-mail - user e-mail address.
  17. API - Allows to use server data in web applications.
  18. Reg. date - user registration date.
  19. Login date - date and time when user logged in.
  20. IP - user IP address.
  21. Sub acc. - number of sub accounts in user account.
  22. Objects - number of objects in user account.
  23. Edit - edit user account.
  24. Delete - delete user.
  25. Login as user - login to user account.
  26. Add new user - add new user.
  27. Reload - reload user list.
  28. Pages control - allows to navigate through results.

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